Translation rates depend on many factors: the languages involved, the number of words, the type of document…

I have some standard rates for simple translation and website localization, but if the document is very technical, the deadline very tight, or if additional services are required (SEO, UX/UI, etc.) the rates will vary. Moreover, I apply special offers and discounts, especially for long term collaborations and high-volume projects.

So, when getting in touch for a quote, please remember to include the following information:

  • text type: is it a technical translation? A website localization project? A novel?
  • text format: is it a PDF? A word document? A photo or screenshot?
  • number of words in the source document (even an approximate number would work)
  • other services required: do you need to add SEO? More language combinations?
  • deadline: when do you need the translation to be delivered?
  • payment method and delay: do you pay by bank transfer? Do you pay on delivery or after 5, 10, 30 days?
  • a sample: if you can send me a small extract of the text, it would help me give you a quote quicker (and in a more accurate way)

Don’t hesitate to get in touch for a free quote! Are you ready to reach global markets? Send me an email at nadine.mtt@morethantranslation.com with the info required. Let’s build something great together!

What’s included?

For all of my services, you’ll get:

  • A free quote
  • Pre- and post-processing of the document(s)
  • Research on your specific field: understanding your process and getting familiar with the specific vocabulary linked to your activity
  • Top-notch translation carried out by experienced professional translators / Creative copywriting by native professionals
  • SEO if required
  • Editing: comparing the source document and the target document to ensure that there are no omissions or mistranslations
  • Proofreading and QA: check for punctuation, spelling, general writing style, layout, etc. in the target language
  • Follow-up emails to make sure you are 100% satisfied
  • Additional editing if required (if you are not satisfied with the translation for objective, undeniable reasons)

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Behind the rates

💫BA in Translation and Interpreting Studies (3 years);
💫MA in Specialized Translation Studies (1 year);
💫2 internships as a junior translator and project manager (1 year);
💫continuing education through specialization courses (never-ending);
💫5+ years of experience in the translation and localization industry;
🔥400k+ words translated per year;
🔥15+ regular clients all over the world.

To have a professional translation, you need a professional translator. I spend my time and money learning and improving my skills, so that you spend your money on top-notch services ✨ It’s a win-win 🥳

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