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Action sports: a passion and a mission

Why do I specialize in Outdoor Sports translation?
Well, because I am more than a translator: I also am a passionate rock climber, rider, skier, and hiker. I grew up in the Italian Alps and I learnt to ski when I was 6: since then, I never stopped living amazing adventures in the mountains. I currently live in the French region called Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, where I climb and hike at least three times per week. I just love action sports: in the mountains, I feel alive and complete. 

That’s why I translate product descriptions for mountain sports brands 🧗‍♀️ It’s my way of saying “Thank you” to the amazing brands that produce high-quality gear and technical clothes I use during my adventures in the wilderness!

Professional translation services to boost your sales in Italy

I currently collaborate with some important brands in the Outdoor Sports industry. That’s what I am passionate about and that’s what I am good at. I love translating websites and product descriptions related to the action sports world and I know how to convey the message and values of this industry to the Italian market

According to a Common Sense Advisory Survey, 72.1% of consumers spend most or all of their time on websites in their own languages and 56.2% of consumers said that the ability to obtain information in their own language is more important than price. This explains the importance of investing in professional website localization.

I have more than five years of experience as a translator, I know very well all the vocabulary related to the Action Sports industry (in four different languages), and I know the best keywords to reach your Italian clients (I know what they type on Google!). 

I can help you reach your Italian audience through top-notch translation, transcreation, and localization of your website, e-commerce, newsletter, and product descriptions ⛰️

Being both a translation (and SEO) expert and a mountain addict, I am the perfect choice to help you reach and conquer the Italian market! 🚀

Climbing, hiking, skiing, running… Why would you need an ITALIAN translator for your outdoor sports business?

Did you know that skiing and cycling are among the top five most practiced sports in Italy? And that climbing has become more and more popular in the last few years?

This is the right moment to translate your website and gain more Italian clients! I can help you with that 🧗‍♀️

Get in touch to discuss your projects in the Outdoor Sports industry! 🚵 🧗 ⛷️🏂🥾

With my friend Laura on a long route in Finale Ligure, Italy

I love adventure sports and I spend almost all of my free time practicing them. When I am not climbing mountains, I am…translating about Outdoor Sports!

Here you can see a sample of a translation I did for an Action Sports brand:

English source textItalian translation
Introducing the XXX: light, packable, and reliable with a fully featured hood and best in its class performance – don’t let wet weather hold you back. 
The Argonaut’s relaxed fit leaves plenty of space for you to layer it over a fleece or base layer, and room to move whatever the activity. It really is the Swiss Army knife of waterproofs, equally at home strolling up fells, riding churned-up bridleways, or wrestling tents up in a downpour.

With 10K/10K (HH/MVTR) performance for waterproofing and breathability the XXX will keep you protected and dry in all but the most extreme of British weather conditions. It’s also light and flexible for moving in or stashing away in a pack thanks to the 2.5 layer construction (it uses a super-thin PU backer to protect the membrane, reducing weight). It’s also treated with a PFC-free water repellent to avoid using any harmful chemicals.
When you’re working up a sweat on steeper inclines, the mesh-lined pockets can dump extra heat by doubling up as vents. Additional thoughtful features include the fully adjustable roll-away hood and velcro-adjustable cuffs.
Ti presentiamo XXX: leggera, compatta e affidabile. Grazie al suo cappuccio integrato e alla qualità top di gamma, nemmeno il brutto tempo riuscirà a fermarti!
Il comfort è garantito dall’ampiezza delle maniche, che ti permetterà di indossare anche un pile o un base layer, mantenendo la massima libertà di movimento. È il coltellino svizzero delle giacche impermeabili, in ogni situazione: durante una passeggiata tranquilla, a cavallo, o mentre monti la tenda sotto il temporale.

Con le sue performance da 10K/10K (HH/MVTR) per impermeabilità e traspirabilità, XXX ti proteggerà e ti terrà all’asciutto in ogni condizione, persino nelle peggiori intemperie. Questa giacca si distingue per leggerezza e compattezza: può essere piegata facilmente e riposta nello zaino, grazie alla sua struttura a 2,5 strati (il peso è ridotto dallo strato ultra-fine in poliuretano che protegge la membrana). È trattata con idrorepellenti PFC-free, senza alcun elemento chimico dannoso.
Quando sudi su una salita ripida, le tasche foderate in rete eliminano il calore in eccesso fungendo da ventole. Altre soluzioni intelligenti includono il cappuccio pieghevole e i polsini regolabili in velcro.

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Me, my cousin, and my sister playing with the snow before skiing in Livigno, Italy ⛷️ An early passion!

Trust a professional who is led by passion AND expertiseand a touch of madness!