This is More Than a Translation service!

I can create captivating content for your brand, website, blog or e-commerce, to make sure you reach the Italian market in a more efficient and result-oriented way  馃搱

Using SEO techniques is essential: if you want to be found on Google, you need the right keywords! And every language has different keywords. That’s why you need my services!

Being a translator, I have great writing skills: not only do I write in a fluent, captivating, interesting way, but I also have very developed attention to detail, Italian grammar, spelling, and punctuation have no secrets for me, which is very important for a professional copywriter.

I attended a few Copywriting, SEO, and Web Marketing specialization courses, and through my translation experience I developed all the skills required to be an excellent copywriter. I’ve started working as a copywriter for a French e-learning platform, and I’ve helped them position their website on the 1st page on Google.

Do you need an Italian copywriter for your website, e-commerce, or blog? Let’s work together! I can help you reach the Italian audience, no matter where you are located in the world!

A sampe

Here’s a sample of an article I wrote in Italian for GlobalExam, an e-learning platform based in France. You can find it on the first page of Google!

SEO Copywriting: Italian
CAE Certificate: I migliori materiali per prepararsi all’Advanced

Prepararsi a un esame Cambridge 猫 sempre un’impresa. Tanto pi霉 se l’esame che vuoi tentare 猫 il C1 Advanced! In questo articolo scoprirai:

路 che cos’猫 il CAE Cambridge
路 perch茅 猫 importante prepararsi in modo adeguato
路 i diversi metodi di studio per il CAE
路 i vantaggi di prepararsi con GlobalExam

Continua a leggere se vuoi scoprire quali sono i migliori materiali per prepararsi al CAE certificate!

Che cos’猫 il CAE Cambridge

Le certificazioni Cambridge sono esami di lingua inglese molto prestigiosi…e altrettanto difficili. Il Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English, o CAE, 猫 l’esame per i candidati di livello C1.

Si tratta di un esame composto da quattro sezioni, ossia:
路 Reading and Use of English – comprensione scritta e uso dell’inglese
路 Listening – comprensione orale
路 Writing – espressione scritta
路 Speaking – espressione orale

Ognuna delle sezioni contribuisce al 20% al risultato finale (la prima prova 猫 divisa tra “Reading” e “Use of English”). Per ottenere il certificato devi ottenere un punteggio tra 180 e 220!

Perch茅 猫 importante prepararsi in modo adeguato

Come detto in precedenza, il CAE 猫 un esame molto complicato e gli esercizi che presenta sono estremamente specifici. Per questo 猫 importante avere una preparazione mirata all’esame.

Vediamo di seguito, sezione per sezione, perch茅 猫 fondamentale studiare per il CAE e come farlo.

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How does the Copywriting process work?

1. I’ll identify who your target audience is (your potential clients).

2. I’ll look for the best keywords to improve your ranking on Google and help your potential clients easily find you.

3. I’ll explain you which keywords I chose and why. If you have any words you want me to use, you can communicate them and I’ll see how to integrate them in the texts. Moreover, I’ll tell you some more optimization techniques I will use (e.g. bold, meta-titles and meta-descriptions, URLs, internal and external links, call-to-action, etc), and also a few marketing strategies you could use on social media for your brand to gain relevance and be recognized by your potential clients.

4. I’ll write all the texts of your website or e-commerce, making them fluent and natural, but also captivating (for example using call-to-action, bolds, and more).

5. I’ll use the keywords in the texts (process I partially did in phase 4) and I’ll write relevant meta-titles and meta-descriptions, and fix, if necessary, the URLs (we’ll discuss it together).

6. I’ll send you all the texts. You can give me a feedback and please do not hesitate if you want me to change something! This phase is important to check that you are satisfied with the final result.

7. Once you’ve uploaded all the texts on your website or e-commerce, we’ll verify together the UX/UI (user experience), which means that we’ll make sure that everything works correctly: from the URLs, to the images, from the texts to the internal and external links.

8. You are online, congrats! Your website is now optimized and perfectly functioning.

Specialization Courses

A few Copywriting, SEO, and Digital Marketing courses I attended:

鈥 SEO for Google
鈥 Web Marketing
鈥 SEO for WordPress
鈥 Digital Marketing and SEO
鈥 SEO Training For Social Media Managers
鈥 SEO Training Course by Moz
鈥 Local SEO: The Foundations of What Google Wants
鈥 SEO Link Building
鈥 SEO by Yoast
鈥 Web and E-commerce User eXperience Design
鈥 eCommerce Fundamentals
鈥 Digital Marketing and SEO Master Course
鈥 SEO Website Backlinks with Google Advanced Search
鈥 Ottimizzazione SEO On Page: Come riottimizzare un contenuto
鈥 Introduzione al Web Marketing
鈥 Specialization Course in SEO, Digital Marketing, e-commerce, and social media
鈥 Corso SEO 2021: Come ottimizzare un sito per Google
鈥 Corso Copywriter: Impara l’arte del Copywriting persuasivo
鈥 Scrittura Persuasiva (Copywriting) e Neuro-Marketing