Web design

More Than Translation offers… more than translation services!

I can help you in many different areas, thanks to my skills and those of my experienced network of collaborators.


We can help you build an astonishing website (with HTML/CSS) and make it multilingual! At MTT we are all experienced professionals and we work hard on every project. Let us build yours!

We can create your website, blog or e-commerce, using SEO and great Copywriting techniques!

Especially nowadays, using SEO techniques in Marketing is essential. You need to be present online.

I offer a special service called Local SEO: it is SEO for local business. Even if you have a small shop, you should optimize your website: using the right keywords you can become the #1 in your city! It sounds good, doesn’t it? 😎

If you need translation, copywriting, website building and web design services to boost your business, get in touch here or send me an email at nadine.mtt@morethantranslation.com for a free quote.

Let’s work together to help your business become global! No matter where you are, you can reach everyone who might be interested in your products or services.

Do you also need Graphic design services? Take a look at this page!

Case study:

DipocheparoleMultilingual website on WordPress

We created a multilingual website for two freelance translators based in Switzerland.
We chose the graphics following the clients’ instructions: they wanted a sober, simple website, with easy features they could manage alone once my job was done. The clients were very happy with the results.

I also took care of the resume of one of them (using Canva).